Product Information

  • Description: Corrugated flexible hose assembly, high pressure (HP-1 Braid) and very high pressure (TH-2 Braids) with close pitch annular corrugations, obtained by hydroforming. Flexible hose meeting the requirement of the class 1 of the EN-ISO-10380 standard.

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Part NumberNominal SizeOD
THPDN 6DN 611.4mm without braid, 13.0mm with braid
THPDN 10DN 1017.8mm without braid, 19.4mm with braid
THPDN12DN 1220.2mm without braid, 21.8mm with braid
THPDN 20DN 2029.1mm without braid, 30.7mm with braid
THPDN 25DN 2538.0mm without braid, 40.0mm with braid
THPDN 32DN 3246.5mm without braid, 49.0mm with braid
THPDN 40DN 4054.9mm without braid, 57.4mm with braid
THPDN 50DN 5067.3mm without braid, 69.8mm with braid
THPDN 100DN 100129.5mm without braid, 132.5mm with braid