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Sequential Vapor Vent TTMA Flange

Sequential Vapor Vent TTMA Flange

Part Number VR6035SQ
Material Aluminum
Fuel Compatability Gasoline and Diesel, up to E100 and B100 biofuels
Optional Pkg/Box Qty 6
Weight Lb 4.0200


  • For 20" manhole, with 3" TTMA flange


  • Any necessary maintenance is easy to perform


  • Rugged cast aluminum


  • Can be installed to open in sequence with another pneumatically controlled device such as the emergency valve, or open independently by simply plugging the lower of the 2 ports. (use a 1/4" male NPT plug).


  • Flange adapter, 40193AL, is available to adapt 3" TTMA to a parker style vent

Repair Kits
Part # Description Includes Item # Qty
VR6030RK1 seal kit with Baylast™ poppet seal
VR6030RKV1 seal kit with FKM poppet seal
VR6030RK2 piston assembly
VR6030RK3 Baylast™ poppet gasket
VR6030RKV3 FKM poppet gasket
VR6030RK4 (8) bolts & lock washers

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