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Vapor Return Valve TTMA Flange with Sight Glass

Vapor Return Valve TTMA Flange with Sight Glass

Part Number VR4100F
Includes Poppet and Sight glass
Material Aluminum
Adapter Size 4"
Flange Size 4"
Fuel Compatability Gasoline and diesel, up to E100 & B20 biofuels
Optional Pkg/Box Qty 5
Weight Lb 4.8500


  • Manufactured to connect to vapor hose couplings


  • Low profile design
  • Air interlock mounting pad (use 5000AI, 5000AIS or 5000AIST Interlock valves)
  • Easy seal replacement while still on the tanker
  • Poppeted versions prevent vapor from escaping from the tanker.


  • Aluminum body
  • Buna seals
  • Nylon sight glass

Repair Kits
Part # Description Includes Item # Qty
5204K8 sight glass, O-ring, float ball
5204K12 hex bolts (6), lock washers (6), washers (4) kit

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