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Factory Set Pressure Reducing Brass Angle Valve Female x Female

Factory Set Pressure Reducing Brass Angle Valve Female x Female

Part Number NAPRAVF250-80
Description Calculated setting: 80
Material Cast Brass
Inlet 2-1/2" female NPT
Outlet 2-1/2" female NPT
Maximum Operating Pressure 400 PSI
Weight Lb 22.6700


  • 2-1/2" size reduces inlet pressures of 400 PSI (2758 kPa) or less to desired working pressures from 20 through 175 PSI (138-1207 kPa) under discharge or static conditions.


  • UL listed for Automatic Sprinkler Systems as floor or zone control valve
  • Standpipe Systems, Class I, II and III
  • Automatic Check Valve for Dual Riser Systems
  • Approved by the New York City Board of Standards and Appeals, approval # MEA 54-07-E
  • Approved by the City of Los Angeles and the City of San Francisco (ULC 2-1/2")


  • Tamper resistant
  • True combination shut-off and pressure reducing valve


  • Cast brass
  • Female x female valves are furnished with OPEN / CLOSED Indicator Bonnet for rapid confirmation of the valves status in the system.

Available Options

  • Valves are available with a tamper proof switch as an accessory device to hasten valve operation while monitoring its open condition. The complete switch, with bracket and housing, is available for field mounting. Consult Dixon for price and availability.

Safety notes

  • Dixon Pressure Reducing Valves are automatic valves. Debris is the largest single cause of valve malfunction. It is imperative all debris be flushed from the system prior to being placed into service.


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