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Miniature Worm Gear Clamp

Miniature Worm Gear Clamp

Part Number MH6
Style Style MH
Material Band and Housing: SAE 300 Series Stainless Steel,
Screw: SAE 1018 case-hardened, hex-free chrome zinc-plated steel
Component Material Zinc-Plated Steel screw
Hose OD From 28/64" (11mm)
Hose OD To 50/64" (20mm)
Width 5/16"
Torque 15 in. lbs.
Mandatory Pkg/Box Qty 10
Weight Lb 0.0150


  • Meets SAE J1508


  • Screw design: 1/4" slotted hex head
  • SAE 201/301 Series Stainless Steel band and housing
  • Screw: SAE 1018 case-hardened, hex-free Chrome Zinc-Plated Steel

Safety notes

  • Maximum recommended torque is 15 in. lbs.
  • Torque ratings correspond to the torque rating of the screw of the clamp and are not an indication of the working pressure of any hose assembly installed with this clamp.


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