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  • With the most advanced collar attachment in the industry, Dixon Northline's Suction Hose is far superior to others in the industry. The collar is made from durable lightweight plastic, molded four inches wide. With the length of the shank on the coupling, inserted into the hose and the width of the collar combined, the chance of leakage is minimal when the hose is flexed while in use.
  • Industry's lightest flexible suction hose. The suction hose design incorporates engineered polymers and extruded aluminum parts to maximize strength, durability and performance.


  • Hose is made of flexible PVC and lightweight for ease of operation. Its black helix design allows for easier maintenance and UV protection. Clear PVC provides a view of water flow and assists in obtaining prime.
  • Hose collars has a high performance injection molded polymer design to ensure a 360° seal. The high-tech polymer material offers durability and reduces overall hose weight up to 12%. The flexible design allows for quick and easy in field serviceability with a 1/4" socket wrench.
  • Aluminum couplings hose ends are made from 6061-T6 lightweight structural aluminum alloy for maximum strength and durability. Swivels are attached using roller "disc" bearings for maximum performance and sheer strength.

Available Options

  • Consult Dixon for pricing and availability of smaller and larger diameters, other lengths and configurations.