• Truck stops and terminal operations


  • High flow capacity
  • Micro-touch valve provides smooth operation and exceptional flow control.
  • Roto-matic latch pin provides positive auto shut-off
  • Pure PTFE packing eliminates stem leaks
  • Super tough nylon hand guard
  • Easy to change 'locknut style' spout assembly
  • Green scruff guard
  • Trigger hold-open clip


  • Body and spout: Aluminum
  • Body caps: Zinc
  • Seals: FKM
  • Poppet disk: FKM
  • Stem packing: PTFE
  • Handguard and trigger hold-open clip: Super tough nylon
  • Trigger: Steel
  • Snap-on cover: Plastic
  • Scuff guard: Vinyl

Safety notes

  • Not designed for use with gravity flow tanks, small 12 volt pumps, AC utility pumps, farm pumps or consumer pumps