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Electrically Actuated 3-Piece Sanitary Stainless Ball Valve

Electrically Actuated 3-Piece Sanitary Stainless Ball Valve

Part Number BV2CV-050CC-EA
Style Lever Overide
Voltage 110VAC
Material 316 Stainless Steel
Seat Virgin PTFE
Size 1/2"
Pressure Rating Valve: 1000 PSI WOG
Temperature Range -41°F to 140°F (-40.6°C to 60°C)
Optional Pkg/Box Qty 1

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  • ISO 9001, CS, CE and CSA-C US
  • RoHS compliant


  • Compact design for areas with tight space restrictions
  • Full-port valve design offers lower pressure drop and a less turbulent flow
  • Balanced encapsulated valve construction minimizes cold-flow of seats
  • Precision stainless steel balls reduce torque and friction losses while extending the seat life of the valve
  • Actuator features an extended duty cycle induction motor, high alloy steel gear train, H-insulation class, visual position indication and space heater standard
  • Manual override standard on 1/2"- 1-1/2" valves


  • Valve has Virgin PTFE seats, a blow-out proof stainless steel stem and live-loaded stem packing
  • ID polish is Ra 32 minimum
  • Electric actuator: lightweight powder coated aluminum alloy housing, NEMA 4/4X waterproof and dustproof

Available Options

  • A wide variety of options are available: modulating, extra switches, transmitters, potentiometer, etc. Contact Dixon for details.

Safety notes

  • Even though there are torque safety factors built into our automated ball valve packages, actual service conditions must also be considered when selecting the proper product for the appropriate application.
  • Severe service conditions such as dirty water, dirty air, all slurries, raw sewage water, oils, and other viscous fluids can have a dramatic affect in raising the torque requirements of ball valves as much as 75% and therefore larger actuators may be required. Please consult Dixon when dealing with these types of applications.


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