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Ball Nozzle for Bulk Delivery Spout Outlet

Ball Nozzle for Bulk Delivery Spout Outlet

  • ball nozzle with spout
Part Number BL068
Material anodized aluminum
Inlet 1-1/2" female NPT Swivel
Outlet 1-1/4" Aluminum Spout
Weight Lb 6.2400


  • Ball nozzles have a very high flow rate and low pressure drop and are ideal for bulk oil and fuel deliveries, they are basically a full port ball valve with an inlet swivel and outlet spout.


  • Manufactured to connect to NPT threaded hose connections.


  • Full 1" flow path through the ball is computer designed and higher than any known competitors, which results with very low pressure drop permitting higher flow rates at lower pressure, reducing foaming or product backups.
  • Unique swivel design permits leak free service, even at temperatures as low as-40°F at 100 PSI
  • Rugged construction provides rapid fuel oil transfer/delivery
  • Heavy duty roller ball swivel with low temperature seals freely rotates
  • Comes standard with 3 PSI check valve to help ensure residual fuels within the delivery hose and nozzle are contained


  • Black anodized aluminum main body
  • Aluminum spout
  • Polished stainless steel handle and latch
  • Bayloy inlet swivel
  • Hardened carbon steel swivel ball race
  • Through hardened chrome steel ball bearings
  • Buna and PTFE seals
  • Acetal valve seat
  • Stainless steel valve ball

Available Options

  • Optional 5 PSI check valve kit is available, order field replaceable kit BL-RK11
  • Available with field replaceable outlet spout or quick fill swivel nut


  • All fuel contains additives, which can vary by fuel brand and season. Please contact Dixon with a list of all additives and we will advise of any known compatibility issues.

Repair Kits
Part # Description Includes Item # Qty
SWMF-RK1 inlet swivel grease nipple kit (optional)
SWMF-RK2 inlet swivel seal and wear kit
SWMF-RK3 complete inlet swivel rebuild kit
SWMF-RK4 1½" FNPT replacement inlet swivel
SWMF-RK5 1¼" FNPT replacement inlet swivel
SWMF-RK6 1½" BSPP replacement inlet swivel
BL005 swivel outlet (BL062, BL064)
BL-RK4 ball valve shaft seal kit
BL-RK10 complete ball nozzle seal kit
BL-RK11 optional check valve 5 PSI spring kit
BL-RK12 standard check valve 3 PSI cartridge kit
BL-RK13 trigger kit

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