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Sand Blast Nozzle Holder

Sand Blast Nozzle Holder

Part Number ANH100
Material Aluminum
Female Thread NPSM
Female Thread Size 1-1/4"
Hose Size 1"
Hose OD 1-7/8"
Pressure Rating 110 PSI at ambient temperature 70°F (21°C)
Optional Pkg/Box Qty 100
Weight Lb 0.3700


  • Sand blast couplings are designed for use on sand blast hose.


  • Supplied with screws


  • Ends of hose must be cut square to fit snug against metal end.
  • Holding hose tight to end of fitting, insert screws and turn in full, putting screw 180° from first to ensure best centering.
  • After all screws have been placed, check tube opposite screws to be sure screws have not penetrated completely through.

Safety notes

  • Abrasive blasting equipment must have hose safety cables or hose coupling safety clips installed


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