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Single Point Coaxial Drop Elbow

Single Point Coaxial Drop Elbow

Part Number 6400
Style Standard Height
Material Aluminum
Inlet 4" Adapter Fuel
Outlet 3" Adapter Vapor
Height 23-3/4"
Fuel Compatability Gasoline and diesel, up to E100 and B20 biofuels
Weight Lb 22.0600


  • Ground clearance: 11-3/4"


  • Many parts are common throughout the Bayco elbow line, making any necessary maintenance a breeze.
  • Grease nipple enables the greasing of the lever stem, and Acetal bushings help keep everything moving smoothly, even in the harshest of conditions.
  • Bolt on inlets allow the inlet to be changed without having to worry about galling of threaded inlets.
  • Ball handle lever enables the operator to easily and positively engage the solid bronze locking arms, onto the underground adapter.
  • Top connection is the vapor outlet; lower connection is the fuel delivery inlet.


  • Rugged modular cast aluminum construction


  • Replacement inlets are available (Note: Coaxial inlets are not interchangeable with other Bayco elbow inlets.)

Repair Kits
Part # Description Includes Item # Qty
6230 complete bottom unit
6230X complete tall bottom unit
6200ARK L and R arms, main gasket, O-rings, small and large bushings
6200BK small and large bushings
6400SGK sight glass and seal
6200-15ASSM handle, lever and pin
6000EHK bolts and washers
6400-DTK tube,O-ring and U cup seal
6200SHK pivot stud, bushing, washer and lock nut
6200SBK shoulder bolt pivot, wave washer and flat washer
6400EXT-3 tall tube, O-ring and U cup seal

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