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Dixon® Cam & Groove Type E Adapter x Hose Shank


Dixon® Cam & Groove Type E Adapter x Hose Shank

Part Number 300-E-MI
Material Unplated Ductile Iron
Size 3"
Maximum Operating Pressure 125 PSI,
150 PSI with King Crimp Ferrule system
Weight Lb 3.7500


  • Designed for use with liquids, consult Dixon for specific recommendations


  • Suitable for use with King Crimp sleeves and ferrules


  • Produced to interchange with all product produced to Commercial Item Description A-A-59326D


  • Precision machined to rigid tolerances

How it works

  • To make a connection, simply slide the adapter into the coupler and with normal hand pressure, press the cam levers down.
  • Uncoupling is as quick and simple as coupling. Just lift the cam arms and remove the adapter.

Safety notes

  • Under no circumstances should cam and groove couplings be used for compressed air or steam service!
  • Pressure rating is based on the seal of the mating part
  • Pressure rating recommendations are based on the use of mating Dixon fittings at ambient temperature 70°F / 21°C with a standard seal installed. For use at elevated temperature or other unusual operating conditions, consult Dixon.


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