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Female 45°SAE/37°JIC Swivel x Push-on Hose Barb

Female 45°SAE/37°JIC Swivel x Push-on Hose Barb

Part Number 2870407CLF
Material Lead Free Brass
Component Material Yellow Plastic Cap
Female Thread UNF
Female Thread Size 7/16"-20
Tube OD 1/4"
Hose ID 1/4"
Pressure Rating 350 PSI
Temperature Range -40 to +150°F
Optional Pkg/Box Qty 100
Weight Lb 0.0380


  • For use where "Lead Free" fittings are required


  • Conforms to Safe Water Drinking Act (SWDA) of Jan. 4, 2014 and California AB1953
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Number of Barbs: 2
  • Barb Length:.77"


  • Lead free brass <=0.25% lead
  • Alloy CA2745
  • Alloy C46400
  • Dual angle seat


  • Assembly Instructions:
  • 1. Trim hose end with smooth square cut.
  • 2. Lubricate either push-on fitting, hose or both.
  • 3. Insert push-on fitting into hose until first barb is in hose.
  • 4. Place end of fitting against a flat object (bench, wall, etc.) and grip the hose one inch from end. Push with a steady force until end of hose is covered by yellow plastic cap.


  • Disassembly instructions:
  • 1. Leaving push-on fitting in place, make a 1" cut in the hose along the barbed end of the fitting. Note: Be careful not to nick barbs when cutting the hose.
  • 2. With firm grip on hose, give a sharp downward pull to release the fitting from the hose.

Safety notes

  • Dixon push-on fittings are intended for use with Lok-On (push-on style) hose only.
  • Caution: Push-on fittings will properly grip push-on hose only when pushed all the way in, with the cut end of the hose completely concealed by the plastic cap.


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