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Aero-Seal® Worm Gear Clamp

Aero-Seal® Worm Gear Clamp

Part Number 20088
Style Style 200
Material 300 Stainless Steel
Component Material 410 Stainless Steel screw
Hose OD From 130mm
Hose OD To 152mm
Width 9/16"
Torque 50 in. lbs.


  • "Arcial" Band Slots: Arched on one side for strength, flat on bearing side for strength and smooth action
  • Buttress-Thread Heat Treated Screws: Flat, non-tapered threads which bear at right angles to band slots on loaded side- won't jump out.
  • Sloping buttress shape enforces unloaded side
  • Clinched Saddle and Housing: No spot welds to corrode or break. Saddle interlocks into embossed band to form a true concentric circle. There are no lumps, no humps, no excessive pressure points, providing higher sealing pressure with lower torque on the screw.
  • Heavy-gauge housing is clinched on 4 corners to interlocked saddle, permitting higher torque capabilities than any 3-piece clamp.


  • 4-piece construction: band, saddle housing and screw
  • Full 9/16" wide bands: 300-series, Stainless Steel, with a finished edge to protect hose

Available Options

  • Also available with safety collared or thumb screw.


  • Sold 10 per box.

Safety notes

  • Torque ratings correspond to the torque rating of the screw of the clamp and are not an indication of the working pressure of any hose assembly installed with this clamp.


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